Alan Hill

Handyman Services
for North West London

Hello, my name is Alan Hill and I have been a handyman in North West London since 2011. I would be happy to work in your home or premises anywhere in the North West London area.
I Regularly carry out a wide variety of buildings related jobs in the region. Some typical jobs I frequently do are general electrical work including replacement of sockets and switches, lamps and light fittings and diagnostic service.
I can provide a wide range of plumbing services such as pipe renewal, renewing tap washers, changing or renewing sinks, basins & taps, fixing faulty showers, connecting washing machines & dishwashers, mending lavatory cisterns, radiator changes, unblocking drains, sinks and fixing leaky pipework and fitting garden taps.
I am competent in changing in locks, catches, hinges and bolts, making and erecting shelving, fitting kitchen cabinets and renewing damaged or rotten skirting-boards, architraving etc.
Appliance diagnosis and repair of general household appliances are also part of my repertoire.
All types of garden shed maintainence and gutter clearance and replacement.
I will also undertake the repainting and stain maintenance of both the interior and exterior of your home or other premises including damp and mould treatment.

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